Thursday, April 1, 2010

in the middle of the week

I'm in Des Moines this week... in the middle of the week! It feels fun to take a little trip on a Tuesday and come home on Thursday. I came to Des Moines for a photography seminar, but fortunately get to spend some bonus time with my mom. Plus, I had the unexpected pleasure of photographing this sweet girl yesterday. If you are REALLY observant, you may see that my subject was not a baby or child this time. It was the most beautiful and well behaved border collie ever, Luna.

Luna was a dream to photograph. Quite the opposite of children, or even my own pup, Luna did everything asked of her without a complaint, whine, or tear shed :) She is such a beautiful animal and a joy to spend the afternoon with.

I had a great afternoon with these guys and am wrapping up my mid-week stay here in Des Moines. I've got a pup who will be very thankful I am home. I wonder if Travis even noticed I was gone :)


Amy April 1, 2010 at 11:38 AM  

oh my gosh. i want a dog just so you can take pictures of it and then i can hang them all over my house! beautiful. well done.

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