Friday, July 1, 2011

Little beauty queens

Little beauty queens for sure. These sweet girls are absolutely adorable, I can't get over it! The big girls were total pros for the shoot. The second I held my camera up, they knew just what to do. Little Bryn was a bit more unsure. It took some convincing, especially from Grandma that the grass wasn't so bad :)

I don't want to take away the "magic" of this photograph... BUT, it's too funny. Little Bryn really didn't want to be out of Mom's arms. So I told Beth (the mom) to run ahead of the girls and then jump in the trees. She did, the girls all ran after her, and we got a great shot!

This photograph was just kinda fun, so I wanted to add it. After all of our "nicely sitting" images, we let the girls throw some rocks. I love all their expressions. Thanks so much Beth and Grandma for making this a fun session!

PS: it's always a good idea to bring Grandma!


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