Friday, December 13, 2013

What a day...

We had a great day yesterday celebrating the birthday boy.  Lincoln woke up and immediately asked for "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse".  Normally I only let him watch one show in the afternoon after his nap, but it's his birthday!  So we started the day out by watching a little Mickey Mouse.  I asked him what he wanted to eat for breakfast.  His reply was "cheese".  I said, "You only want cheese for breakfast?"  "Yes" is what he said back.  So I made him a cheese omelet :)

We spent more time lounging around the house in the morning than we typically do.  He received trains at his party on Saturday and hasn't stopped playing with them.  Lincoln and I headed to the rec center for indoor gym close to 10.  He of course had a blast running around and jumping off of things.

After the rec, we made a quick stop at Fareway to pick out his birthday lunch.  He loves macaroni and cheese but calls it cheesy pasta.  Normally I would throw some cheddar cheese into hot whole wheat pasta.  Well we went all out and bought a big box of Velveeta shells and cheese at Fareway.  Our side dishes?  Doritos and strawberries of course.  Both Grammy and Daddy joined us for our lunch at home.  What a lucky boy.  He was pretty zonked from the morning and asked that Grammy read books with him and lay him down for a nap.

It was so much warmer than it had been so thought I could take a few birthday pictures outside.  Luckily Lincoln thinks snow is fun so he managed to stay semi-still for 3 minutes.  It's all I needed.  We did one little snowy photo shoot last year at 12 months that I love.


Daddy got home close to 4:30 and we opened a few presents.
For his 1st birthday we went to Godfathers Pizza for dinner.  I decided we should keep up with our tradition and go again this year.  Lincoln loves pizza, it's close, and they have some video games he likes to play before we eat.  I'm so glad Grammy, Uncle Jay and Aunt Breezy could join us the second year in a row.  I told them we were meeting there at 5:29pm (the time Lincoln was born).  Some showed up late...

I froze the top of  Lincoln's cow cake from his party and we had that after dinner.  I didn't get a video of everyone singing happy birthday on Saturday so I requested my family sing again to him so I could get him on tape.  He was so sweet and had a big big smile during the song.  We had a really fun day.  As I laid Lincoln down in his bed he was singing "Happy Birthday to You."


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