Thursday, September 3, 2009

perfection with a minor mishap

Trav and I had one of the BEST weekends!  Friday I got a ton of editing done, which feels really good to be on top of things!  Saturday  I was able to spend the afternoon with one of my best friends, Emily.  We got lunch and she helped me do a little shopping for an ottoman (instead of our bulky wood coffee table).  We found one, thanks to her!  Emily even came up with an awesome furniture arrangement for our living room that Trav and I are both loving!

Of course Travis' perfect weekend was filled with motorcycles.  He was dirtbiking all day on Saturday with friends and family out of town.  He also got some street riding in on both Friday and Sunday :)

When I say I haven't been cleaning my home lately, I REALLY mean it.  Well Saturday I had time to actually do several different household chores.  Mowgli was at a dog show, which was great for me, because what I cleaned, actually stayed clean!

When Travis got home from his dirtbike trip we went to Allison to hang out with his family.  It was pretty cold!  But there was warm food and a big fire :)  It felt soo good just to sit around and hang out.  We haven't taken the time to do that very much this summer.  I guess as you get older, you really have to be intentional about making time for that.

There were also fireworks.  Mowgli has been around fireworks just a small amount.  He was a little jumpy, but stayed close to us the last time.  So we weren't too nervous on Saturday when his Uncle John warned us and said we may want to put puppy in the car.  We didn't listen but kept a close watch.  NOT close enough :)  All it took was one big one for Mowgli to get scared enough to take off!  We were out in the country, and I wasn't extremely concerned.  We've let Mowgli wander a fair amount and he's really good about coming back and finding his way home.  He was laying down in the field watching us call his name :)   He only came back after Travis made eye contact with him and knelt down to call his name.  Trav said he came sprinting, and was really excited we had "found" him.  

I didn't get my camera out... but Callie sent me a few pics from the evening, so I wanted to share those :)
That's Travis and Callie (and Chase's) Dad.  He will rarely make a blog appearance.  The majority of the Schrage family can't stand getting their picture taken!
Callie and her Grandpa
Our family picture :)  If Mowgli was neutered, I wouldn't have had to crop this photo.  Darn show dog...


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