Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Easy Peasy

Look at that little punkin! This "yawn" picture is one of my new all time favorites :) Jani was exactly 1 week old for her photo session and was by far the easiest baby I've ever photographed! She was either content or slept through the entire session and only fussed once.

Several friends who read this blog have told me they love the tattoo dads holding their babies. I totally agree!!! The contrast of big strong man and a sweet soft baby will melt anyone's heart!

I LOVE those lips! And especially for this one, I think the black and white accentuates the shine on those sweet soft baby lips.

And that reminds me, I totally forgot in the previous post to mention that another awesome feature of 2010 packages is that each image you choose, you receive a color and black and white copy. THIS is a big deal! I get many requests to change photos over from black and white to color/ or sepia and vise versa. I had to start charging for this in the middle of the year because I was spending so much time RE-editing. I'm really excited to offer this because now you will receive your favorite images from your session edited in both ways, that's double the files! ARE YOU EXCITED? I AM?!
I simply cannot get ahold on how beautiful that little head of hair is!!! I'm pretty sure Travis and I are destined to have bald babies. We were both bald for quite some time :)
This blog post should actually be titled "better late than never". Normally, these posts serve as a "sneak peek" for clients while they're anxiously awaiting their pictures. However, when people purchase newborn announcements with their newborn session, they typically view their photos the DAY AFTER their session so I can get their card designed ASAP. The company I use to order cards is ridiculously speedy. I have been able to get people's card's in their hands less than a week after their session. So even though Jani's mom and dad have had their images for quite some time, I had to make sure I got to show off my favorites!

Jani is the last baby from my October/ November baby boom! I miss photographing newborns already. But I'm excited for the baby boy I have coming up in December. You heard me right, a BOY!!!!!


Amy November 25, 2009 at 11:18 AM  

ash. i LOVE your work. seriously amazing. i always knew you'd end up doing something with photography from the time we took pictures at kara andersons, with her horse. haha. i miss you. i hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving and to talk with you soon!

Amber November 25, 2009 at 3:02 PM  

What a BEAUTIFUL little girl! Her hair is so precious!

LindaAlex November 25, 2009 at 4:55 PM  

This baby has a gorgeous mouth and you caught it in your photos. She is a beautiful baby and her parents will love these photos for decades!

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