Friday, November 20, 2009

Unexpected moments

3 months is sort of a tough stage to photograph. You can't count on babies to sleep, yet you can't really count on them to stay awake or be happy either.   I've been really busy and my weekends have been full with photo shoots, but Alaina's mommy, Kami was super flexible and really worked with my schedule. Unfortunately, the time slot we found was really close to Alaina's nap time. We were both a bit nervous on how it would go and if everyone would be happy :)

Well DUH, give me a gorgeous baby and of course we can get something AWESOME! I absolutely love the images we got of mom and babe.
Oh yes, I was super excited when I saw these amazingly cute "baby legs".

I'm so excited that Kami was the first person to ask me to photograph her daughter at all the different stages of her first year.  We have had so much fun together for her shoots, and I'm eager to get to watch Alaina grow, and hang out with her momma too!

I have so many favorites from Alaina's 3 month session!  We got some really great images that were totally unexpected.  I realize more and more, that the more flexible I am, the easier it is to watch and wait for the wonderful and natural moments to happen.

Thanks again SO much Kami for being amazingly awesome, and to Pat who puts up with me :)

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