Thursday, December 31, 2009

White Christmas

A white Christmas it was! We made it to MOST of our family holiday parties. But sadly missed out on everything in Mason City. My Dad decided not to come to town because of the weather, so we didn't feel like it was AS important to make it up there and decided to be better safe than sorry. We spent more time in Allison and got plenty of rest, movies, and food in!
Of course Mowgli had a blast. All of Travis' parent's windows are low and he can look out all day. I think he is the most beautiful silhouetted dog ever:)
Travis did a whole lot of this! I don't know WHAT it is about that boy and motorcycles. He just never grows tired of reading and researching them. It's winter for heaven's sake. Think about something else for a few months! Last night, I even heard him on the phone confirming plans for his big motorcycle trip in April. I may have thrown out "It's my computer!" on more than one occasion this Christmas break. whoops:)
My brother gave Trav this little flying helicopter thing for Christmas that has been occupying a bit of time since. Good thing it can only fly for about 5-10 minutes before having to be recharged. It gets old (for me!). It is quite the comedy watching Mowgli around it. He tries to curl up on my lap or on my feet. He knows I'll save him :)
We had a great couple of days in Des Moines with my mom. Although when we got there, I already had cabin fever from 4 days in the country. Jay suggested we go ice skating. Initially, most of us said NO, but eventually came around and decided to go. We enjoyed another "Brady Bunch" holiday with Dale and his kids :) Travis borrowed his favorite game EVER from a coworker, "Catchphrase". I believe we played it every day, with everybody. I'm done with Catchphrase for awhile.
Yeah... he's kinda HOT STUFF!
Maybe it wouldn't hurt to take a mother/daughter photograph without winter apparel and rosy cheeks.

It was a wonderful Christmas. I'm sad to see it go. I love all the lights and the cozy feeling December brings. I'm planning on leaving our tree up through January. That's right, I said THROUGH January :)


LindaAlex December 31, 2009 at 4:28 PM  

What a wonderful Christmas! I am so glad that you guys made it down. You were pretty impressive on the skates too!!

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