Tuesday, April 6, 2010

making the time

Something I've learned pretty quickly about having my own business is there is always going to be something I feel I could make better or work harder on. My website is one of those tasks. I've been wanting to work on it for awhile now, and just haven't made the time. I also started making a facebook fan page about 6 months ago, and never got any galleries uploaded, or the page posted. whoops :)

I finally got that extra push I needed to get this stuff worked on! I learned a few things at that photography seminar in Des Moines, but most of all, the speaker encouraged me to get some things checked off my to do list! So if you haven't been over to my website yet.. please go check out the new look!

I'm really excited about my new logo and trying to get it incorporated into everything. All I have to do is get my business cards back in the mail and I think everything should be updated. Although, don't hold me to that... I'll probably find something else to update soon!

So that facebook fan page I mentioned, it's finally up and running! I actually drug my feet in creating it. But I see how it can be an important tool in connecting with friends, clients, and potential clients. I hope you'll become a "fan"! I think that sounds so dumb :) But I would really love for you to join the page :) click here to go to my fanpage and join!

The only downer about getting these updates accomplished was I spent most of Easter weekend doing so. Once I start working on something, I find it nearly impossible to stop. Especially, if it has to with the things I love! And I absolutely love working on my photography, I just need to know how to find balance. My mom says I need to take a Sabbath... maybe this weekend I can practice!

Do you know what a favicon is?! You probably know what one is, just not the name. It's the little symbol to the left of your site in the address bar. Now, when you go to my blog, or website, you'll the Ashley Schrage Photography "icon". Fun, right?! :)


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