Friday, October 21, 2011

Drew, Mallory and Bryn

No, I'm not that good, or that funny. Grandma is the secret ingredient for a fun photo shoot with these girlies. She's hilarious. In fact, before their next session, I think I'll double check and make sure their Grandma can be there on our scheduled day.

At one point during our time together, Grandma walked away to take a phone call. Their mom and I did our best on our own, but we got blank stares and fake smiles till Grandma came back. I have no idea what she does behind me. I don't care, I may hire her for all my sessions.

I had so many favorites of the 3 of them that I almost left individual shots off the blog. But really, how could I do that? They're too gorgeous to not get their own screen time. These little ladies are all so sweet too. I can't get enough.

I'm no magician... but I am 7 months pregnant and got this shot! I love these little girls! They are such a joy to photograph, I'm already looking forward to next time.


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