Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cedar Valley Arboretum

I love the arboretum!  My VERY good friend used to work there as their director and I spent so much time hanging out before Lincoln was born.  Unfortunately, my friend Mollie moved to Ames and I've missed this place.  My mom and I took Lincoln one morning to show him how wonderful it is.  He agreed it's pretty great.

He loved feeding the fish.  Good thing Grammy was there and gave him quarters to buy some food.


 Again... good thing Grammy was there to lift him up high!

Lincoln has recently gained enough self-control to not knock over a tower that is only 3 blocks high.  He now has interest in making it tall which is pretty fun.  I've been surprised at his steady hand and just how many blocks he can add.

Love this baby boy... only he's not really a baby anymore!


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