Saturday, November 16, 2013

Some Halloween fun

We crammed all our Halloween activities into a couple of days.  Travis is finishing our basement and has been super busy on that.  So basically I realized that we only had a few days left to make some memories and celebrate this Halloween.

 Hard at work.

I was really excited about having 4 pumpkins for our front step this year!

Last year we went to Wellsburg for our pumpkin patch.  It's less of a pumpkin patch, more of farm with activities.  We had a great time last year, so it was Travis' pick for location this year too.

 The camel was the most memorable.

Two fantastic friends lent us costumes in Lincoln's size.  They were both so cute.  I put the fireman on Lincoln for a church trick or treat.

He was such a cute fireman.  I almost put it on him again for actual Halloween night, but couldn't pass up the chance for him to be a precious little puppy.  Equally cute!  He said "fanks"  (thank you) most of the time when he got a piece of candy.  We were lucky enough to spend the afternoon and evening with Grammy and Aunt TT, Uncle Chase and Cousin Trey.

We've created a fun little tradition on Halloween.  Can't wait for 2 more babies to be here next year.


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