Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mini Moo

I saw this blog post by another photographer a while back and she was talking about these business cards of hers.  I loved that you could put a photo on the back, and your information on the other side.  So I decided to order some for myself!

I actually only thought I SHOULD get cards after an encounter with a store owner back in December.  I know a local baby boutique store owner through my cousin Kaley.  She asked how my photography was going and if I wanted to leave some business cards at her store.  I felt pretty unprofessional admitting that I didn't have any.  She gave me an open invitation for whenever I did decide to get some cards, that I could leave a stack with her at her store.  I couldn't pass that up!  I actually received the cards in February, just never got around to blogging about it!
Super cute boxes they come in! :)

A couple of random notes to add:
I found a tick crawling on my leg this morning after I got out of the shower!  Trav and I were walking Mowgli around our neighborhood right before!  I heard on the radio that it's going to be a bad spring/ summer for ticks because of the flooding last year :(

The neighbor kids LOVE to hang out in our yard!  I think on Thursday night there were probably 13 little kids from 5 to 12 playing in our back yard with the puppy.  Sometimes it's annoying, but mostly it's nice that they'll run around with Mowgli and get all his extra energy out.  I even had one of the little boys helping me pick up trash around the yard... WHAT, HE WAS HAVING FUN!? :)  that's definitely one of the bad things about living on a busy road, you wouldn't believe the litter we have to pick up.  It's pretty gross.

Mowgli is in a dog show this weekend!  RIGHT HERE IN WATERLOO AT CATTLE CONGRESS.  We're heading out in a bit for the Saturday show.  He's on again tomorrow at 12:30.  If you feel like stopping by, it's pretty fun and only a couple of dollars :)  


Kris Hoskinson April 19, 2009 at 4:24 PM  

i love these cute!

kim r April 19, 2009 at 5:47 PM  

that is awesome:) wanna do dinner tomorrow?!

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