Thursday, June 18, 2009

Brian + Jillian

Jillian contacted me last winter to photograph her wedding.  I am choosing to only photograph a couple of weddings a year.  It takes much more time, preparation, commitment, and editing hours than a family/ children's portrait session does.  So Jillian's wedding was one of two that I booked for this summer.  I'm so glad I did because I had a blast with Brian and Jillian.

We have been trying to schedule their engagement shoot for months, but our schedules never lined up.  They are from Clear Lake, so finally we decided to meet half way one night after work.  Lucky for me, half way is approximately Allison, Iowa (where Travis' parents live).  So I  knew the ropes a bit and had some ideas of where I wanted to go.

Brian was NOT excited about getting his picture taken.  I don't think it's most guys' favorite activity, but they do it because the girls love it!  We were downtown in Allison first and I was photographing against some kind of shabby places.  So Brian was totally kidding when he said they could sit against this door.  But I loved the idea and I really like how the photo turned out!
Yes, I think they thought I was nuts when I was taking the photo below.  Actually, they probably thought I was nuts during most of the shoot!

At one point, I asked Brian to put his sexy face on.  He told me he couldn't make a sexy face... I beg to differ :)

I love when I can catch a boy looking at his girl :)

I may have to say this is my favorite :)

I loved meeting Brian and Jillian!  I felt like old friends when we were done.  Can't wait for their August wedding :)


Anonymous June 19, 2009 at 8:43 AM  

LOL!! i totally know where all those pictures were taken!! YOu were in town on the corner of the antique store! Annnnndddd you were down near the junk pile at my parents place! Its kinda weird but they turned out GREAT! My favorites are the 'butt and rings' pic, its something new i haven't seen before. And I also like the ones laying in the grass, it brings out her eyes so much. I also liked the one with the barn in the background....i think that is the neighbors farm isn't it? I still can't believe you were in the pasture by the burn pile....

amwz photography June 23, 2009 at 10:01 AM  

these are great shots!!! love them all but the one I like the most is the 2 of them holding hands and he is off camera.

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