Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Date

4 years ago Travis and I had our first official date.  I don't remember how this particular event became the date.  I'm assuming he asked me if I wanted to do something and I suggested we go to the Sturgis Falls Parade together.  So the parade was our first date!  I now know that Travis really doesn't like parades and I drag him to this particular one for nostalgia reasons every year (except this year, we're both skipping ).

edited: I actually did end up going!  Mowgli and I went with our friends the Marshalls!

The night before our first date, I was with friends and my friend Kate stayed the night at my house (actually my mom's).  I remember talking to her about Travis.  I obviously didn't know that much about him.  I think we had met only a month or so before.  But I know one of the things that attracted me to him was his maturity.  Now actually KNOWING Travis... I can't believe I thought he was mature!  He kinda acts like  16 year old boy most the time.  BUT,  because he is 4 years older than me, I guess I thought he was more mature than the guys I was going to college with.  It makes sense.  I knew from the very beginning there was something special about Travis and I always had butterflies in my stomach when I was around him.  I knew very early on that I would marry him!

He picked me up and came to the door.  He met my mom, Kate, and a friend of my moms that was over at the time.  I think he made a pretty good impression, and they all told me he was good looking but a bit scruffy.  I'm pretty sure he hadn't shaved in a week.

I thought Travis' car was SO nice and I was impressed he had bought it himself.  I was thinking, "he must really have it together" (then I saw his apartment a few weeks later!!! yikes).  My fondest memory of our first date was that he carried both our lawn-chairs and an umbrella.  It made me feel really pampered and like I was a lady :)  Travis still carries things for me and I love it.
This is one of the very first pictures of Travis and I together :)  We basically look the same now.  Although he doesn't highlight his hair anymore (thank goodness)  He's got more facial hair now, which I really like and he's given up his necklace wearing days.  I'm a few pounds heavier and I'd like to think I've gotten my cowlick/ part a bit more under control these days.  I still think Trav is HOT and I call him my handsome handsome!  In some ways it's weird to think it's only been 4 years since we met because that doesn't seem like that long ago!


Becky Bartlett June 27, 2009 at 8:58 PM  

Cute story... fun to have an event to celebrate your first date each year. :)

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