Thursday, February 10, 2011

On leave

I couldn't have been happier to spend some time with this family and capture a few simple moments of their precious time together. Matt was home on leave for 2 weeks in January from his Afghanistan home where he is currently deployed. There wasn't an agenda for our "photo shoot", just some casual play/snuggle time. The photographs obviously aren't as good as the real thing. Now that Matt is back in Afghanistan for another 6(ish) months, I'm hoping this will give him something to smile at.


Johnni February 10, 2011 at 7:45 AM  

WOW, I love these. Thank you so much -- these mean so much to us. I didn't realize either that I had taken ZERO pictures of any of us until after Matt was gone. So special.

Amber February 10, 2011 at 7:55 AM  

These pictures made my eyes well up with tears. You captured how happy they are being together as a family. :)

Julie Ulven February 10, 2011 at 12:20 PM  

AWESOME! So sweet and so glad you did this for them.

Becky Bartlett February 10, 2011 at 1:10 PM  


Castle Family February 10, 2011 at 2:27 PM  

I am in love with the first picture.

Our Life February 14, 2011 at 9:57 PM  

I greatly appreciate these.. I have many family members in the military including my little brother. These moments are so precious and you captured them beautifully!

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