Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Michigan Vacation

I am FINALLY getting around to posting some of our vacation pictures. We spent 4 days in Traverse City Michigan a few weeks ago. We actually took two smaller trips to different places around Michigan too.

My personal photographer. He does such a great job!
This was supposed to be my "beach" vacation. When we went, I was in the last week or so of my first trimester. Luckily, I was never really sick, just on and off nauseous, but I was exhausted. I was still very tired for our vacation, so sitting around by the pool and beach sounded like a perfect getaway to me. Unfortunately, it rained almost every day and was pretty cool and cloudy. It didn't turn out like I had planned, but we really had a great time anyway :)

Travis' favorite toy is his Go Pro Camera. Mostly, he attaches it to a motorcycle or dirt-bike. He brought it on our trip to try to do some fun things. It's got a wide angle lens on it and captured interesting shots like the one below:

One of our little trips was to go to this historic fishing
Ahhh... our tandem bike experiences :) We rented one of these last year on our Milwaukee trip and had such a great time. It was hard not to recreate the memories. And recreate we did! We have a lot of fun with Travis in the drivers (front) seat. It's pretty calm and we have fun biking and looking at the scenery. But when we decide to switch... we go about 200 feet laughing hysterically and trying not to tip over before we switch again. I might not be the best steering and in charge of balance and Travis has big issues not trying to control the bike from the back!

Like I said, it really did rain a lot. We didn't let it damper our vacation, or our outdoor dining experiences. You can see the rain pooling around our plates on the table cloth. We certainly had some strange looks.

Trav, always being the extremist, wanted to hike to the very top of the sand dunes. I just couldn't make it. I think we went half way up which is still pretty darn good in my book!

We did a culinary walking tour that was very fun... ending at Trav's favorite spot :)

I know I've said it before, but I'm super cheap. It's tough for me to spend money on vacations, even though I love them and really value the quality time it gives me with Travis. I love the trips we've taken together and can't wait for baby to join us in the future :)


Andrea July 21, 2011 at 8:11 AM  

Love the pics! Glad you guys made the best of it despite the weather! Aaron and I have had a couple of rainy vacations too. I hear you on that first trimester tired! It does get better :) Aaron would LOVE to be Travis in that last picture with all that yummy beer. He should try one of Aaron's homebrews sometime!!

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