Sunday, September 2, 2012

Best Friends?

Uhh.... no.  I probably would not say these two are best friends.  Lincoln seems to think Mowgli's pretty funny and really wants to pull his fur out, or just use him to stand up.  I'm not sure which one.

And Mowgli, he doesn't want too much to do with Lincoln.  He knows he is part of the family and really wants to protect him.  When I was pregnant, Mowgli turned overly protective (we're working on this).  But when Lincoln gets close to him, Mowgli gets up as fast as he can to move away.  I think there is a chance they will both enjoy playing together when Lincoln is older.

I certainly love both of these boys, but one is annoying me a bit more these days :)  We love you Mowgli, but can you please stop barking and shedding?


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