Monday, December 14, 2009

Cutest baby in the world!

Cutest baby in the world? YES, I'm convinced! Not only is Mikah adorable, but she simply has the best personality!

I'm beyond thrilled that I got hooked up with her family a year ago, when her big brother and sister turned one year. I also was blessed to get to photograph Mikah when she was brand new! Check out that blog post HERE from 6 months ago. I was really excited to get to use the same basket and blanket from her first session.

I could never get tired of photographing this sweet baby girl. She was all smiles and never grew tired of being the center of our attention. My cheeks really hurt from smiling for a full hour! Hopefully that doesn't mean normally I'm a grump...

I think her mommy did an amazing job of dressing her for her little shoot! I love the colors and especially baby leggings. I think every child needs these, if not for only the reason to make a fashion statement.

I love this photo of Mikah and her momma. Hopefully I'll still know her when she goes off to college. I will give her this picture in a frame to put in her dorm room! :) haha... isn't that funny to think about?
I had a wonderful morning seeing all 3 kids in this fam, although this shoot was 100% for Mikah! Not only is she cute and happy, but extremely skilled for just 6 months. She's been sitting up like a champ for quite awhile, crawling really well, and even pulling herself up on things. I wouldn't have been surprised if she just stood up and started running away from us :)

Carrie, it was awesome to see you again. You are doing the most wonderful job raising your kids! They are all beautiful and happy!


Becky Bartlett December 14, 2009 at 9:02 AM  

These are great pictures... Hi, Carrie!! :) You all look beautiful... can't believe how big Mikah is!

Carrie December 15, 2009 at 11:28 PM  

Your words are way too kind, Ashley! You did a great job; I LOVE the pictures :)

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